VESA-index 2023 published

VESA-index 2023 published

Terramonitor has been publishing VESA-index for Finnish spruce and conifer stands since 2017.

VESA stands for Vegetation Enhanced Status Analysis. The VESA-index is used to interpret T1 and T2 conifer seedlings in relation to the harmful shrubs inside the patterns. It uses satellite images, open forest resource data, and machine learning (AI) models to identify the intensity of the growth of harmful shrubs.

App view

By utilising satellite data-based method Terramonitor has developed a useful tool for forestry operators to analyse the status of the shrubs constantly and cost-efficiently.

The VESA index is presented by four different categories based on the shrub intensity: Red-Very high, yellow-high, green-medium and blue-low.

Shrub intensity from low to very high

The analysis can be supported with different satellite map layers for visual viewing.

Near Infrared highlighted map layer

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