Terramonitor Analysis Ready product is a cloudless mosaic of preprocessed satellite data with 10-band multi-spectral data. The images used for mosaic are atmospherically corrected and radiometrically calibrated. The product is suitable for different use cases such as analyzing and monitoring land areas, vegetation, forests, and calculating indices. Below are represented four different use cases of the Analysis Ready product.

1. Land cover classification

Area of interest: Dordrecht in the Netherlands
Time of interest: The growing season in 2019
Method: Unsupervised classification (K-means)

2. Monitoring forests - detecting clear cuts

Area of interest: Pinezhsky District in Russia
Time of interest: The growing seasons in 2018 and 2019
Method: Change map between the years 2018 and 2019

The result of change detection between 2018 and 2019. New clear cuts in red.

3. Calculating indices - monitoring vegetation

Area of interest: Nonant-le Pin in France
Time of interest: The growing season in 2019
Method: Calculating the following indices

4. 3D visualization

Area of interest: Feldkirch in Austria
Time of interest: The growing season in 2019
Method: QGIS 3D Map View, read a previous blog post about 3D modeling with Terramonitor here

3D view over Feldkirch in Austria towards the Alps.

Read more about technical specifications of Terramonitor Analysis Ready product:

Analysis Ready: Documentation
The Terramonitor analysis-ready mosaic is a product designed for GIS professionals. The input required by the customer is the area and time period of interest.

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