Zero Gravity and Terramonitor to gain ESA contract for Green Buildings

Zero Gravity and Terramonitor to gain ESA contract for Green Buildings

HELSINKI, Finland. 3rd November 2020

Zero Gravity Oy and Terramonitor aligned a consortium for ESA (European Space Agency) open bidding for Green buildings - Feasibility Study during spring 2020. Green buildings are structures that reduce and eliminate negative impact on the environment by using less water, energy or natural resources. In many cases, green buildings have a positive environmental effect by generating their own energy and increasing & protecting biodiversity and ecosystem. In the consortium, the Zero Gravity Oy is the main contractor and Terramonitor is acting as a subcontractor for the project. Both companies are Finnish based startups that utilise satellite and other remote sensing data to analyse and monitor the changes in the world.

The project team includes the cities of Tampere in Finland and Taru in Estonia, their role is to act as steering group partners to evaluate and provide feedback on the results.

The consortium made the winning proposal called Urban AI and was awarded the contract with ESA. Our goal is to create a digital twin of the city areas to analyse the environmental effect of urban development. For urban development, it is important to understand how the existing and new urban areas affect human well being with respect to air quality, land use, energy consumption and production needs. The project's first phase is carried out during 12 months starting in autumn 2020.

According to Olga Bodet, CEO of Zero Gravity the monitoring and control is a crucial part when it comes to effectiveness of environmental strategies and going towards sustainable urban development. Green buildings are essential structures to compensate for the negative impact of climate change and therefore should be monitored by satellite imagery data.

We’re very pleased to join forces with Zero Gravity in similar interest to monitor changes that effects the people lives by offering the end-users space-based data for better decision making. In this consortium, we can say that one plus one is really more than the net sum and we’re hoping to enable tools for better urban planning for Zero Gravity and future customers with our solutions, says Joni Norppa, CEO of Terramonitor.

About Zero Gravity:

We are a team with deep roots in  R&D, data science and software development and PhD background. We combine earth observation data technologies with comprehensive analytic dashboards to provide a city of digital twins. Our mission is to help build sustainable green cities and communities by means of satellite data.

About Terramonitor:

Terramonitor is developing the world’s most dynamic and comprehensive mapping and analyzing platform of the globe, which consists over 100 million single images. Our mission is to enable easy access to Space Data for all businesses. Our core services are based on automated satellite-based data processes utilising machine learning methods and AI.

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