We're hiring - Space Sales Manager

We’re looking a sales and marketing developer to scale our business

We're hiring - Space Sales Manager

We here at Terramonitor welcome you to the growing team and to the world of Space Data. We’re looking a sales and marketing  developer to scale our business and to help our customers to make better decisions. We’re a Space Data company with proven track record from two years, now we are looking for someone to complement our team in sales.

If you are interested or even know some of the following letter combinations you should real until the end: satellite data, remote sensing, GIS, forestry, agriculture, sales process, BtoB, AI, machine learning,  VAS, mapping, ArcGIS, QGIS, Python, change detection, sales tools, marketing tools, HubSpot, Slack, pitch etc.

As a Space Sales Manager you work in a world of space and remote sensing based VAS (value-added services). We also have a lot new three-letter abbreviation you to learn. You create value by offering Terramonitor’s services to the customers world wide, starting from the nearby markets in Europe. By doing that you will also earn a good ROI to yourself.

KIS (Keeping it simple):


  • it’s a sales role, you have to contact new people to do your job
  • you will be also developing and improving our sales processes and marketing as a total, together with the tech team
  • you will probably have to justify your desires with the tech team
  • you get a fixed salary and a share from your sales
  • we are professional in what we do but not always in the way we want to be felt


  • it’s not a place for developer
  • you won’t get everything thinked thru, you have use your own sense to scale your actions

We appreciate, but we don't require any of the followings:

  • target and implement orientated way to work
  • international / other relevant experience
  • courage to interact in English (Finnish and/or Swedish gives extra points)
  • pro-attitude

THE PROCESS (what you can expect)

  1. Send your application the old way via email, include at least highlights of your professionalism and/or link to some format of CV-kind to: joni.norppa@terramonitor.com
  2. You won’t get a phone call.
  3. You will get a link to the folder, where you find your first task (not too complex, we promise).
  4. When you success in the task, you will get a phone call.
  5. If you succeed in a phone you will be invited to our office (at least coffee/tea is guaranteed) and another link to the exclusive folder with a data set of the Terramonitor and a task for you to prepare for the upcoming conversation.
  6. Prepare your task and pitch
  7. Conversation and unloading the task
  8. A short (/medium lenght) wait
  9. Our decision
  10. Your decision

Give it a shot and send your information to: joni.norppa@terramonitor.com, at least you probably learn something new.