Power grid monitoring using satellite data

Headpower and Terramonitor receive 250 000 euros in funding to monitor changes near power lines.

Power grid monitoring using satellite data
English summary of a Finnish article published in Tekniikka & Talous. Please read the original full text here.

Headpower, a Finnish electrical infrastructure service company, has began a project with Terramonitor to use satellite and other remote sensing data to implement applications for power grid management companies. The project is funded by ESA, the European Space Agency, and totals 250 thousand euros for the first year.

The goal of the project is to help power distribution companies to track significant changes near power lines, such as forest clearings or construction work. Remote sensing is a particularly feasible method as power lines span thousands of kilometres in sparsely populated areas.

These grid monitoring services are initially targeted at power grid management companies on the northern hemishphere. The next phase could involve monitoring construction work near subterranean power lines, as they often go unnotified and may cause power outages. Electricity distribution companies lose 200 million euros annually due to weather damage in Finland alone.

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