Press Release, 21st April 2020

Terramonitor maps and data now available in Wuudis to identify precise information on urgent care works and seedling thinning sites.

Forest management arrears have increased since the 1990s. In Finland, there were 1.5 million hectares of seedling care and first thinning areas in 2019, according to the Finnish Natural Resources Center. In future, there will generate thousands of new jobs of unfinished care works every year.

Wuudis Solutions and Terramonitor have entered into a co-operation agreement where the companies' strengths are offered as an extensive data and forest management control and quality management service through the Wuudis service interface. The service will be initially available in Finland for pilots, where Wuudis will be further developed for the business needs of pilot companies like forest management associations and co-operative forests. In future, the service concept will be piloted e.g. in Spain and Africa.

“We have integrated Terramonitor’s satellite monitoring and retrieval services and open data sources into the Wuudis service, enabling forest operators and forest owners to become aware of urgent early care work and seedling thinning sites in their forests. The need for seedling care is based on the VESA index developed by Terramonitor, an assessment of the eutrophication of the seedling and an analysis of the need for seedling care”, reveals CEO Seppo Huurinainen from Wuudis.

“The global satellite data service developed by Terramonitor covers the entire globe. In Finland, we have developed the VESA index service, which is based on optical and constantly updated analysis of satellite image mosaics using artificial intelligence. The historical time series of satellite images analyzes the time when the vegetation index has been the highest during the growing season and analyzes the probability of the urgency of seedling thinning work”, says CEO Joni Norppa from Terramonitor.

The recently released version of Wuudis service serves as one platform for forest resource, monitoring and operations system. It can complement existing systems by providing a real-time, easy-to-use and service-independent way to find early care work and seedling thinning sites and manage all forest work and self-monitoring with new map levels and over mobile services. In practice, Wuudis offers digital tools that make it easy to communicate with forest owners and find urgent forest management work in a timely manner, making costs savings.

More information:

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, +358 44 5814 950,

Joni Norppa, CEO, +358 50 360 8096,


Wuudis Solutions Oy is a pioneer in forest digitization. Wuudis Service products can be used to streamline operations, increase cost savings and environmental benefits for all operators of forestry and bio-based companies. We use Big Data by integrating a number of forest data sources in a standardized manner and implementing intelligent algorithms to make (remote) forest management and monitoring easy, systematic, independent, and cost-effective.

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Terramonitor is a Space Data company. We have developed a global satellite-based data platform that covers more than 100 million individual satellite images. Our technology is based on efficient and automated data processing chains and the utilization of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to make Space Data easy and simple to use and to help our customers make better decisions.

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